The Future of [slackers!]

[slackers] and the future it holds...

The Future of [slackers!]

I first came up with [slackers] in January 2019. I had originally called it "SLACKERS CLUB" as it was in a list of server names I wanted to keep just in case I had to start a server. But before I can discuss the future, I must discuss the past and how this came to be:


I was good friends with a girl named Natalie who pretty much had me as a co-owner of a server called Lame Therapy. That server was nice until in that very same month and beyond, I felt the entirety of it falling apart before my very own eyes due to just bullshit drama among (at the times) a bunch of dumb 16 year old's (myself included.) That same girl Natalie wasn't an authentic friend to me & neither was anyone else in that server for any matter and I felt used to say the least. So I split off, went off that nifty server list I had and made way for what seemed to be the first server I've owned since 2016.
The original 2019 Banner of [slackers]

[slackers] was born in the summer of 2019.

Everyone knows how [slackers] went in Server 1 - 3 and for those who don't, a lore video is coming out soon explaining the drama from start to finish. But until then, lets skip to the main meat and potatoes: The Future of [slackers!]

[slackers] IV is the best and worst server I've ran in recent history. I'd say the best because we've had the most success and not gonna lie, it's the server that has lasted the longest but the one with the most public drama.

I would say this server has fallen apart but that does not mean the end. It's taken me a few days to figure out things in my head but I feel confident that we can rise from the ashes.

My biggest plans for slackers revolve around:

  • The Current Content Creator Collective
  • The rules set in place for behavioral issues
  • The staff we have patrolling the server
  • The way the [slackers] Media account is managed (as well as who)
  • Our advertisement methods
  • And of course our meaning.

Let me go over exactly what I plan to do in each bullet point:

Content Creators & The Collective

The #⥁Content Channel in [slackers]

With Content Creators, I want to enlist a bigger group of active content creators who work steadily and are willing to put as much effort into the [slackers] "brand"/server/idea as they do into their own content. We promote them, they promote us. Business, one might say.

The more promotion we get, the bigger the server can be, the more spotlight our creators have to showcase what they've been working on. Currently, we still have applications open HERE!

VC Rule Standards

Average VC in [slackers] 2021

We at [slackers] love freedom of speech and that will forever stay our desire. However, hate speech is something we're really against. The way we're going to g0 about the biggest problem in the server is through reports.

We will no longer be actively be monitoring VC but Text Chat will continue to be monitored. However, If we receive a complaint that a user is being problematic whether that be disturbing the peace, being a general '-phobe' or threatening others in VC, we will investigate and take proper action. Most of the time, this will result in a remove from the server, effective immediately.

But here's one thing for sure, if you choose to speak in a more "unfiltered" way in VC, while staff won't interfere unless we're given a complaint, your actions have consequences and whatever is said to you in return will be fair game.

Current Staff & Future Standings

Lack of staff: 0 Mods

Currently as we stand, we have 0 mods but that is fine. We have people in the round table who help keep the server in check. As for who it is, that is left ambiguous as the list isn't definitive.

As the server grows however, we will be asking people to apply for staff but as we stand at the moment, it's not very needed. Keep an eye for staff applications appearing in the #⥁updates channel.

And as for the drama, I plan to keep it under wraps like it should've been from the start. Nothing leaves staff channels.

[slackers] Media

[slackers] Twitter (@slackersRadio)

The only social media we have is our twitter, however we've looked into expanding into Instagram, TikTok, adding onto our website & revamping our Twitch page to assist our subsidiary partnership with the new gaming related server, 「SOLID STATE」, ran by Cangus (@cangus_xd).

Other places to find us include Soundcloud, YouTube & Spotify.

If you really need to contact us, send us an email at [[email protected]]

The Meaning, Future & Advertising of the server

[slackers] Discord Invite Background

This expands on from our recent desire to use other medias. We feel that TikTok might be more useful than originally was admitted, just as the Podcast I've been working on with KiddyYV, Cangus & Kunari was.

"Sussy baka" ~ paz 2k21

I originally felt the server was gonna go down hill along with everything else attached to it. I had made it very clear with the podcast episode I did last night, which you can listen to below:

However, a long evaluation, I've decided it's possible to keep it going and to grow even bigger this time. [slackers] has come a long way from being a no filter discord server full of social rejects who wanna have fun. We have dreams, ambitions, things we want to do and it's admirable more than ever. With the podcast, we've been prepping for Season 2 which will start very soon & have a more clean format for listeners to follow.

The biggest point however is the collaborative effort it takes to be better. We have these creators who are getting promoted on our small 300 member server but in order to make that number bigger, it's a process. We give them more people to grow their platform. As their platform grows from the combination of people tuning in from our discord and the new people tuning in from their respected platforms, we have the opportunity of equal growth in both places.

As well as the effort it takes to pass the server on to friends, on social media & to anyone who finds interest in the aesthetic or idea.

But as I've stated before, this is a collaborative effort. I need your help in order to grow [slackers] as a server, an idea & a brand.

To me, [slackers] will always be a hub for content creators to promote and growth and a place to form a community. To find friends. To be free to speak your mind.

I want to stick to that idea.

Please if you've read this far, stick with me here. I believe [slackers] can survive this but only with your help.