Server performance

The problem

While I've been happy with the server performance lately, there's one thing that absolutely ruins it: entities. Mob grinders, like the one in my base, can destroy server performance with ease. From a few hundred to over a thousand entities, something has to be done about it.

The solution

I'm introducing mob stacking. After a delay, mobs spawned from mob spawners will be grouped into one mob within a 5x5 radius. There will be significantly less entities, and mob grinders should mostly still work as before.

VIP changes

  • Cosmetic particles (/pp)
  • Vein mining/tree feller is now VIP only
  • Not new, but previously undocumented VIP commands: /ptime, /pweather, /fly


  • A more performant, fancier tree chopping plugin has replaced the previous one. Ores, crops, and other veinminable blocks will be unaffected
  • Performance analytics have been installed
  • Combat logging is now punished, an NPC will spawn which will drop your items on death if you leave during PvP.
  • You will get a Death Recap when you die, detailing the damage you took etc
  • You can no longer fly during PvP
  • AFK players are pvp-protected
  • You are able to disable PvP